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Hi, I am Monte Guenzler.  I live in Rochester, Minnesota and have been calling since 2012.  I am a member of the American Callers Association and The Minnesota Square Dance Callers Association (MSDCA).  I first learned how to Square Dance in 1975 and have been Square Dancing ever since.  I first thought about becoming a caller back in 1987, but with a wife and a new son on the way, I put that idea on the back burner.  Then in the year 2012, I decided it was time to pursue a calling career.  I attended North Star Callers School where I met one of my mentors, Dick Reuter.  My other influential mentor is Wayne Kubichek.  I am the caller I am today, because of these two guys.

My goal when calling a Square Dance, is to make it fun and danceable.  I believe this is what has made me as popular as I am today.  I call from 85 to 100 dances a year and firmly believe in K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple and Sweet).  I hope that all the dancers at my dances go home thinking about the fun and camaraderie experienced at a dance of mine.

In 2014 my wife, Patty, and I started Kaleidoscope Squares.  We started with only four students and four angels.  We now have over 30 members. Two years ago, we added a Plus level dance every Thursday night and it has been a roaring success.  To our other credit, we have also led our dancers on a segment of the television show, Off 90.

I conduct close to 20 ABC dances a year.  These introductory dances are geared towards getting people out on the dance floor who have never danced before, but are interested in trying Square Dancing.  I call this type of dance at county fairs, town festivals and at private parties through out the year.  I also call each year at the Minnesota State Fair and at the Kentucky Square Dance Convention.  In 2017 I was invited to become a staff caller for Goldwing Records.  I am now working on my fourth song with more to come.

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