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Home Phone: 651-777-1280
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Dean Libby started calling in 1976 after dancing for two years. He has been around music and square dancing for as long as he can remember. Dean’s parents square danced for over 40 years and Dean sang in several musical groups when folk music was popular.
  His infectious sense of humor and relaxed teaching style can lead any group of any size from novice beginners to seasoned square dancers through a session of square dancing filled with laughter and memories. Dean has worked with groups ranging from small private parties to wedding receptions, church groups and company parties and can teach a variety of dances to include square dancing, line dancing and old time.
     Dean provides all of the sound equipment needed and has also called with live music from bluegrass and country to calling with the North Metro Orchestra.
     Remember square dancing in grade school when you could still get boy germs and girl germs? Well square dancing now is nothing like that! The music is much better, everything from country to rock & roll, dixieland, and show tunes. A professional caller also makes it much more fun. Dean Libby fits the bill.
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