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Hello, my name is Bob Maiden, musically challenged or a challenge to music. Music has always been a big part of my life.  I taught myself how to play the guitar and also played the piano, saxophone, clarinet and dulcimer.  I was happy and content with my life, but my sister thought otherwise.

 She wanted to square dance and needed a partner.  She kept badgering me until I finally gave into her ultimatum.  I compromised by saying that I would come dance if I won one of the chess games I played in three upcoming tournaments.  I played to a draw in each of the three games and thought I was off the hook.  However, again my sister had other ideas.  We had a coin toss and I lost, so I started square dancing. I am what happens to a mild, shy, quiet person who considers square dancing.

I began dancing with a club called the Polar Promenaders in 1975 and the following year with Wrong Way Grands.  In 1981, I met a lady dancer at the State Square Dance Convention in Anoka.  One year later we were married.  We currently dance with TTT’s and Dakota Grand Squares.

 I started playing with the idea of calling in 1996.  I decided to try my hand at calling in 2007.  There was a nearby club that had been doing lessons by tape so I offered to teach their lessons for free as a way to get some experience.   They took me up on my offer and I really enjoyed myself.  They must have liked the way I was teaching as they hired me for the following year.  I have been teaching and calling ever since.  I am the club caller for the TTT square dance club in St. Paul.

 I attended caller’s school in October of 2009 with Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine, John Jones, and Deborah Carroll-Jones.  I learned about the art of Square Dance Calling and am looking forward to implementing what I have learned.

My wife, Jeanine, and I have been editors of The ROUNDUP magazine, Secretary, Vice President, President, Webmaster, Computer Coordinator, for the Minnesota Square Dance Federation, CE Region president, and state convention chairs in 2003 and 2009.  I belong to Callerlab, MSDCA, and Swingmasters (the CE Region Callers Association), the South Dakota Square Dance Callers Association  and the Iowa Callers and Cuers Association

 I currently live in Roseville, MN.  My other interests include computers, hiking, fishing, board games and card games.  I am a self-employed computer programmer, RGIS team supervisor, in addition to being a square dance caller.  I am looking forward to calling locally, regionally, and perhaps, nationally.

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